Mei, 2017

06meialldayMedieval RunBouillonLand:België


Hele dag (Zaterdag)



Bouillon, Belgie

Evenement details

Just for one day, get yourself into the famous knight Godefroy de Bouillon’ shoes and come to challenge our course.

The Medieval Run is the obstacle race which will get you out of your comfort area. Inevitably, you will have to excel yourself.

We are talking about a 15 km physically testing course with a 500m of positive difference of altitude.

20 varied obstacles will put each part of your body to a severe test.

Sure that you will discover muscles you were even unaware of their existence.

By coming to the Medieval Run, your mental will have to take over your body, when this one will be exhausted.

Are you be ready for this medieval challenge ?

At the Medieval Run, you will run by yourself or in a team !

You have 2 choices :

– You are a valorous knight and you want to lead yourself your project to arrive at the end of the course

– You want 3 other knights to face the tests, so you form your team of 4 people.

Welke kleding heb ik nodig?



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